A Quick Guide to the Events of the Weekend

Hey everyone! I hope that you had a nice time! It was an interesting weekend for the Blackhawks, and I wanted to give ya’ll my take on it real fast.


Ben Smith is Back! I absolutely loved this. Ben Smith really made himself a name on the Blackhawks this year. What I love about him is how versatile he is. Smitty cut his teeth on the 4th line this year playing solid defense, but also giving it some much needed offensive edge. He also played on lines 2 and 3, where maintained that defensive talent while showing that he can play offense with the big boys. I though him and Kaner had really nice chemistry together, though personally I would like to see the two of them on different lines. I like Smitty as a 2nd or a 3rd liner to have his considerable defensive acumen while giving it more offence. Maybe later on in his career as he continues to develop he can move up, but good and cheap 3rd and 4th liners are what can make a hockey team, and I’m glad to have Smitty. OH! I forgot about the money! I was guessing that he comes in at 1.5-2 million, and we got him for 1.5. I’m a fan.


Raaaaaaaaaanta We brought back Raanta as well. I was a fan of this. Raanta has a lot more development to go, but I think that the goalie market is very lean, so I’m glad we secured a backup who isn’t 523952 years old (shot at Khabi there). Also, $750k is a great price for him. I think that Raanta has a high ceiling (we saw glimpses of this when he pulled our bacon out of the fire in the first half of the year when Crow and Khabi went down with injuries) and I’m excited to see him develop. One last thing, I know a lot of people wanted him at Rockford this year to develop, and while I agree that would do him a world of good, when it comes to a backup goaltender I think the devil you know beats the devil you don’t.


GIVE ME MO! I was super excited that we re-signed Jeremy Morin. I think he has tremendous upside and is going to go far in the NHL. I love his on ice vision, his shot, and his 62.6% CF. He makes players around him better, and I think eventually he’ll be a top-6 forward in the NHL. Also, 800k is a great price for him. I am worried that he’ll be sitting in the press box a lot, and I really hope the Hawks finally give him the chance he deserves.


WE TRADED BOLLIG!!! Oh. My. God. I was starting to wonder if this day would ever come. But then two things that are constants came through for us. The first is that Stan Bowman is a genius. I mean, a third round pick for Bollig?! The second is Brian Burke’s propensity for meathead forwards. I love it! I have nothing against Bollig personally. Actually, that’s not true. Attacking your fans on Twitter is pretty awful for a professional athlete, but I digress. I don’t like him as a player, and I hated his extension, but now that’s not an issue. A good day indeed.


Stan Bowman is Awesome He really is. Not only did he re-sign 3 valuable players for 3.05 million, but he managed to get a third round draft pick for Bollig. And I liked the way he drafted too. I know that some people aren’t a fan of Schmaltz, but he has high upside, and we have enough talent in the system to see how he develops. And I was fine with the rest of the draft too. Stan Bowman, you are a friggin genius!