Well Glad That’s Over…

HAWKS WIN!!  Or the Stars somehow didn’t put us away.  Either way, I’ll take it.  But there are some things we should talk about…

The first 2 periods of that game were bad…  Like, awful.  We looked like the Sabres out there.  We couldn’t complete passes, enter the offensive zone cleanly, or clear our own zone.  We badly lost the possession game, and couldn’t shoot to save our lives.  Hell, we were making the Stars 4th line look good.

Carcillo was a damn tire fire.  Seriously, he’s a bad hockey player.  We’re gonna bench him in the playoffs, so can we just waive him and give his money to someone who can do something (TT, Dahlbeck the list goes on and on and on).

I’m absolutely not a fan of the whole “roll 3 lines and 2 D-pairings” thing.  Multiple beat writers have said that was due to all the penalties, but still.  Not a fan.  Runblad had 6:25 minutes, Morin 5:32 minutes, and Carcillo 4:43.  Meanwhile Duncs is rolling at damn near 30.

We had a lot of times where we waited too long to shoot, or got cute with a pass.  This was especially true early.  When things aren’t going your way, and the other goalie is as shaky as Lehtonen was, put shots on net.

Okay, that’s a lot of negativity.  Lets look at the positives…

Holy goalie stealing a game Batman.  Crow played out of his mind.  A .941 when you’re facing that many shots is very impressive.  His little 3 save in a row thing early was mind blowing, as was his save on the shorthanded chance towards the end.  Seriously, amazing game.  1st star in my book.

I liked Sharpie a lot.  If you shoot the puck, good things happen, and he demonstrated that.

The iron was not our friend.

I thought TVR had a fine game.  No real complaints.  He got about 11 minutes of ice time, which is about what you would expect from a young player in his first game.  I hope he gets another.

Only 7 players had positive corsi, which isn’t really optimum.  That shouldn’t be surprising, as we got frighteningly out-possesed the first 2 periods.  We will lose games if this keeps happening.

Hossa’s goal line play the third period to get to the net?  Chills.

So in the end a win is a win.  Hopefully the boys don’t come out so flat footed in the future, and we can avoid this in the future.

Graduate Blackhawks

Stats from war-on-ice.com and nhl.com

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