A (Rather Late) Offseason Primer, Part 3

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T LEAVE ME!!!! or let’s resign Kane and Toews: Okay, dramatic title aside, we need Kane and Toews. They are two of the top talents in the league. They are young. They are the best things that have ever happened to The Chicago Blackhawks. They are the most dynamic 1-2 punch in hockey (if you disagree with me, well, you’re wrong). They win cups.

We need them.

Good news: We are almost certain to get them back. Both of them have said about a gazillion times they want to come back to Chicago (though, to be fair, Toews always seems more gung-ho about it than Kane does).

Bad news: We don’t want to become the new Pittsburgh Penguins. We need money to spend on our bottom six, plus defensemen and goaltenders. There was a while that people were throwing around the number of 12.5 million apiece as the cost to keep them, which would be a problem. Say that the year those extensions went into effect the cap raised to 75 million dollars. This would mean that Kane and Toews would take up a third of the salary cap. If the cap doesn’t raise that much, it would be an even larger percentage.  To those of you who aren’t good with money, take my word for it, that’s a lot. Too much. And the cap might not get raised that much, which would make it an even larger percentage. I don’t know what Bowman would do if they stood by their guns on it. I don’t want to know.

TL:DR We need Kane and Toews to resign. Let’s hope it comes in at 8.5-10 apeice.

One last note: I like the way that the organization is set up right now. A lot. There is a lot of talent on the team, and when some contracts go up that won’t be resigned (I don’t think Kruger and Shaw and Bickell get resigned, but that’s the topic for another day) there are players like Teuvo, Danult, McNeill, Carey, and Hartman to pick up the slack. This team is gonna compete for years to come. Grab a beer and enjoy, it’ll be fun!

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