A (Rather Late) Offseason Primer, Part 2

Earlier today I covered defense.  Now I’m gonna cover pretty much everyone else.  I’m gonna save two for later though.

What a Hoss: Marian Hossa is really, really talented. He’s a big part of why The Red Wedding Line is so good. We here at Graduate Blackhawks believe he should have won the Selke this year (by we I mean me btw) since he routinely made opposing players look foolish.

He’s also really expensive, and will be for the considerable future. 2021 to be exact. There is no way of knowing if he will be worth it for that long. But none of this matters, his cap hit, contract term and age make it almost impossible to ship him off. So pray that he remains on of the top forwards in the league for a long, long time.

Give Me Mo (gosh these titles are getting bad): I have to say, I’m on the Jeremy Morin bandwagon. Why? Cause he’s got a killer instinct. He’s got great on ice vision and hockey sense. Because of his pug nose (wait, what?!). Because his 5 on 5 corsi is 62.6%. Because he can score. I’ll keep this simple. Resign him, put him on a line with some offensive minded players, and watch the sparks fly. He may get scored on some times, but hey, he’s gotta learn. I worry that Q is gonna be cranky and not play him, but everything I’ve heard makes it seem like they’ll give him a chance. As reported here, Q said “I just think Mo really, I think he progressed this year. He didn’t get much of a chance in the playoffs, but I think that Mo has a good ability to score goals. He’s got the unpredictability offensively that, it’s a nice trait to have. It’s the unpredictability of being consistent and defensively being reliable that, putting that all together is what we’re looking for. And he gets that, the last couple of those things tightened up, you know, I think Mo could grow as a player and all of a sudden his opportunity could be enhanced. But there’s potential there. I like the way he competes and offensively he’s got some nice traits as well.” Typical Q, being not committing to anything.

Teuvo Time: Keeping this one short. He’s gonna be good. Real friggin good. Like, big part of the future of the franchise good. Don’t, for the love of God, trade him. Or Saad.

Goaltender Bender!!! (I’m struggling with these titles): For all you Crawford haters, grab a brown paper bag and breath into it: He’s staying. For the long term. I think he could get traded at some point, but something younger and better has to come along, and it won’t for a while.

As for Raanta, I’m guessing he comes back. He’s a super guy, evidently loved in the locker room, and got us out of a tough jam early in the season, but he’s not the best backup around. Problem is, I don’t see a better option. The good thing is, I think he has the potential to be as good a backup as there is, and even a good starter.

Nikolai Khabibulin: Hahahahahahahaha no.

David Runblad: Seriously, I don’t know whats going on here. Bowman must see something in him. I’d like to see it soon as well, but I don’t really matter, now do I?

Peter Regin (I’ve just started saying peoples names now. Titles are hard): First of all, I love Peter Regin. He doesn’t score often, but he doesn’t have to. He goes hard to the net (something the Hawks, aside from Shawzer, seemed unwilling to do this year, but I digress), plays good hockey, and I like his possession numbers (55.2% CF).

A Thorny Issue (Thorns are Sharp… oh forget it, I’m tired): This one is tough. Sharpy is really talented, but on the wrong side of 30 and his name is being thrown around. I don’t buy it. He is on the wrong side of 30, but I think he’ll be able to play out his contract at a high level. The city loves him. He’s really good looking (wait what?). I think he stays.

Lets “Kesler” Something Up (worst one yet): I want Kesler. He’s cheap, talented, and takes the pressure off of Teuvo to perform right away. Seriously though, a top six of Sharp-Toews-Hossa, Saad-Kesler-Kane is sexy as all getup. I don’t, with Keslers age and injury history want to give up Saad and/or Teuvo. I don’t think its likely, but maybe we could do Shaw, Bickell and a prospect for him. Or maybe throw Oduya in there for one of them. I love Shaw and Bickell, but there is enough talent in the system to make up for their loss. I mean, seriously, how sexy is that top six?

Another wrench in the engine is the idea that we would have to trade Sharp for him. That is being thrown around, and and it could make some sense. I still think we should try and move bottom 6 players, but teams might not buy it. Anyway, it’ll be an interesting few days.

Ben Smith: He can do a little of everything, and he’s still going to only get better. A must to resign.

Bollig and Versteeg: Everyone knows what I’m gonna say. I’d like to get rid of them, but I don’t see how it happens. Maybe to sweeten a deal. Hell, at this point I’d trade them for a 5th rounder, or even considerations, just to get their money.

All stats came from www.extraskater.com (which is godly) and all the cap numbers came from www.capgeek.com (which is just as godly).

Tomorrow, I address the big one, KANE AND TOEWS! Should be fun.  Thanks for reading!

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